Racksterly Income Program Review is here and we are going to see if it’s legit or scam just like most of Nigeria Income Program we have seen in the past.

Warning!!! Make sure you read the full article on this page so you won’t to avoid making mistake. 

Bloggers are familiar with Adsense  as a way of monetizing their blogs while some use Propeller or even Media.net and they make cool money from these ads network.

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Racksterly can be seen as these ads network that pays bloggers (in this case the subscriber) to display ads on their site only that Racksterly doesn’t require you to have a website before you can start earning, sounds too cool to be good right, well we are going to see if this is true or scam.

What Is Racksterly All About

Racksterly-Income-Program Legit or Scam

Racksterly is currently the top Nigeria fastest growing ads sharing platform that allows you to share or promote a business of your choice on your Facebook account timeline and get paid once your shared link is being clicked on. You also get paid a 5% commission when you refer a friend via your referral link instantly…

Just the same thing you see with Google Adsense and Media.net so to say.

So, we can regard the Racksterly income program as a PPC network in the form of a Get Paid To site and you will get to know about it very much in this our Racksterly Income Program Review.


Now there are 4 plans on Racksterly

  1. Dew–> 1 month sub with $18(6,800).
    you earn $1.2 per share/per day till your sub ends. You earn total of N14,800 without referring anyone in a month
  2. Drizzle–>1 month sub with $25(9,200) your earn $1.8per day/per post. You earn total of N20,500 by month end
  3. Already mentioned above Storm $ 45sub(16,000) $3.5 per day/per post. You earn total of N40,000 by month end
    4 Typhoon—> $75(25,000) and you earn $5.6 per day/per post. You earn total of 65,000 by month end.


How To Register And Make Money?

In this our Racksterly Income Program Review, we will cover all you need to know about racksterly income program….


You will need to visit Racksterly income program official homepage at Racksterly.co or you can Click here to directly take you to Racksterly income program registration page and fill out the following forms;

  • Your first and second name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account
  • Password
  • Active Facebook account
  • Means of payment (ATM card)

Now Here is how to register:

  1.  Click here and it will take you to this page Click on GET STARTED
    How Register on Racksterly

    Click on Get Started

  2. You will see the page below, click continue HOW TO REGISTER ON RACKSTERLY
  3. It will now take you to the page where you will sign up for a new accountRacksterly sign up page
  4. Enter Your first name
  5. Enter your last name
  6. Enter your email
  7. Enter your phone number
  8. Choose password
  9. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT
  10. After creating the account, add your bank account for payment
  11. Add your active Facebook account
  12. Finally, choose a plan and subscribe

Racksterly Subscription Plans

I have listed it above but to make everything clear and simple I have listed it below, spacing it properly for you to understand.


✔️ Pay $18 = N6,879
✔️ Earn $1.2daily (for 30days) = N432
✔️ N432x30 = N12,960 monthly

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✔️ Pay $25 = N9,296
✔️ Earn $1.8 daily (for 30days) = N648
✔️ N648x30 = N19,440 monthly


✔️Pay $45 = N16,732
✔️ Earn $3.5 daily (for 30days) = N1,260
✔️N1260x30 = N37,800 monthly


✔️Pay $75 = N27,887
✔️ Earn $5.6 daily (for 30days) = N2,016
✔️N2016x30 = N60,480 monthly


Just choose any plan suitable for you and make payment at once,once you subscribe you will see a post on your dashboard with share button,click on share and you are done

Note: You can only share one article per day on your timeline.

Ways To Earn Money On Racsterly

Apart from your normal earning which depends on the plan you subscribed to, you can still increase your earnings through any of the ways listed below;

So It Begins

Get your first referral. +$2.5


Dramatic Entrance

Refer a friend on the same day you start a subscription. +$3


Refer 3 friends within one subscription period. +$10


On A Roll

Refer 10 friends within one subscription period. +$45


Refer 20 friends within one subscription period. +$80

True Dedication

Refer 50 friends within one subscription period. +$150


Refer 100 friends within one subscription period.  +$350


Shocking Conclusion

Refer 2 friends on the day you make your withdrawals, just before your subscription ends. +$9




Things To Note About Racksterly

 1. To make withdrawals, simply click on the menu icon at the top-right corner and select withdraw.

2. If you refer your first friend to Racksterly, you will be rewarded with $2.5.
✔️. If you refer a friend the same day you subscribed to Racksterly, you get $3 instantly.
✔️. If you refer 3 friends within one subscription period, you will be rewarded with $10.
✔️. 10 friends referred within one subscription period will give you $45 instantly.

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✔️. While 20 friends give you $80.
✔️. If you refer 50 friends, you get $150.
✔️. 100 friends referred by you within one subscription period gives you $350.
✔️. And lastly, if you refer 2 friends on the day you make your withdrawals, just before your subscription ends, you will be rewarded with $9.

4.✔️ Withdrawals can be made only on the 30th day of you joining the program ; ie. If you join on the 16th of  December, you will be eligible to withdraw on the 16th of January.


Racsterly is not a ponzi scheme or get rich quick network where you will make money overnight without doing anything. You have to put your effort in order to gain from this this platform. Based on my experience so far,the platform is Real and not Scam. This platform is just like NNU which is also real. If you have any question at all, the comment box is always open for that and i will be happy to answer you.

So what are you waiting for?



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