You want to call someone but your balance is 0.00. You really need to connect with this person but you are out of airtime and you don’t want to borrow airtime. In this article, I am going to show you how you can call/flash any phone number irrespective of the network.

How To Make Call With 0.00 Balance Airtime

How to make free calls

I want you to know that you can call any phone number be it MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile using Airtel line but that is flashing. I call it free call because it is not available in other networks except Airtel and it is unlimited that is you can use it many times as you wish.

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This does not require much unlike some free browsing that requires some special apps and settings for you to start using them. This particular free flashing can be achieved by dialing simple code of which am going to show you how to do in no distance time but before then, let’s see the requirements.

Requirements To Call/Flash With 0.00 Airtime Balance

Just like I said earlier, the requirements are not much. All you need is your normal :

  • Airtel sim with 0.00 airtime balance
  • Your Smartphone
  • The number you want to flash
  • The code to use

How To Call/ flash Any Number Using Airtel Sim

Make Free Calls Code

By now, you have gotten all of the above mentioned requirements except the code and how to dial it. The code to do this is just **  but you have to follow the steps below to achieve your purpose.

  • Open your contact
  • Copy out the number you want to flash (you can write it down with pen)
  • Open your dial-pad
  • Type the number you want to flash starting with **  (**08069468615)
  • Dail the number
  • The number will disconnect at once on your phone but will ring on the receiver’s phone
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You can flash any number as many times as you want but it is only with Airtel sim. The above information is to help you flash any number when you run out of airtime and you don’t want to borrow but you really need to connect with person . You can use the above guide and the person can now call you back.

It is always advisable not to run out of data but if you don’t have money for data, consider doing these.

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