Who doesn’t use night internet data plan, I use it most times to download large files. In today’s guide, we are going to look into 9mobile night plan as well as weekend data plans. I am going to show you the code you can use whenever you want to browse at night with 9mobile.

About 9mobile Night / Weekend Plan

9mobile Night Plan

9mobile night or weekend plan is a plan that gives us more data bundle than a regular data subscription. You can go for night plan or weekend plan.

  • 9mobile Night Plan works from 12am – 5am
  • 9mobile Weekend Plan works from 7pm – 7am
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9mobile (Etisalat) N200 for 1GB

This is solely for Night, where you can subscribe 1GB for just N200, and it is usable for just midnight hours (24hours validity). It works for all devices.

Throughout the night, you can easily download all your files, movies, photos, videos, movies, musics, games, applications and many others.

To activate this plan, top up or recharge your 9mobile SIM, and then dial *229*3*11#. There is no sms option. This works from 12am – 5am.

9mobile (Etisalat) N1000 for 2GB

This is the combination of both weekend and night plan, where you can browse the internet throughout the night, or throughout the weekend (evening and weekend plan).

With this 9mobile N1000 for 2GB, you can easily download all your files and it works for all devices, Smartphones and PC (30days validity).

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To activate this 9mobile data plan, you can easily top up or recharge your 9mobile SIM, and then dial *229*3*12#. Remember there is no sms option to activate. Works from 7pm – 7am (weekend).

9mobile (Etisalat) N2000 for 5GB

And lastly, 9mobile is offering another impressive incentive that might take you surprisingly. This plan validity is just 30days (evening and weekend plan).

You can activate this plan on all your devices, and 9mobile promises 24/7 Whatsapp. That means, the plan also powers up your Whatsapp every time and anytime.

To activate the plan, you can top up or recharge your 9mobile SIM and dial *229*3*13#. Where you will also receive 100MB for WhatsApp(24/7).

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What are you still waiting for, start enjoying Etisalat night and weekend plan now!

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